Manhattan Top Development Sites

The Manhattan Top Manhattan Development Sites
1: 432 Park Avenue is just about finished, except for the vacant street level and basement retail space. It is taller than the Empire State Building, at 1,380 square feet. Number 2 is just across the street, at 425 Park Avenue (56th Street), which is being redeveloped into a 600,000 square foot office building, and its owners have already claimed to have gotten $275 / $300 a square foot for office space..... 3: 3 Greenwich Street AKA 3 World Trade Center should be complete by 2018. 4: The $15 billion Hudson Yards project had its first opening at Ten Hudson Yards, known by some as The Coach Building, which was completed in June of 2016. The balance of the project will be mixed-use, with office and hotels proposed. 30 Hudson Yards will be the site's tallest, coming in at 1,296 feet high. 5: Twenty Times Square, a 1.3 million square foot office tower, on the 42nd Street Port Authority Bus Terminal, has seen no progress. It seems to be mothballed in search of a tenant. 6: 15 Penn Plaza, a 2.8 million square foot office tower, is proposed for the site of the currently operating Pennsylvania Hotel. 7: 740 Eighth Avenue will be a 900,000 square foot office building / possibly hotel and is still in the planning stages...8: The 1,514 foot tall One Vanderbilt is on the way to being New York's third tallest tower. 9: 217 West 57th Street will be 1,550 feet high and will have a Nordstrom's at its base. 10: Watch for 111 West 57th Street and 220 Central Park South and 225 West 57th (1,550 feet high), which will be mega-tall residential towers... 

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